These are some of my awesome clients at a Business Builder Camp.  BBCamp are events that we do - sometimes for current Growth clients and sometimes for any business owner - even if they are not yet a client.  In this video you'll see people WORKING with me - on 120 day Sprint plans.  It is so fun and so rewarding to be the guide as my clients get the head space to really concentrate and as they meet other business owners who GET IT and who will Push them.  Check it out!  

Les Hill, Les is More Coaching, LLC


 A straight shooter who kills it in minutes! Then weaves a magic carpet of ideas to carry you through your own poop to a successful rewarding conclusion! Insights and experiences of people almost twice his age, with a delivery system of someone you know has been in the trenches, lost, recouped and plugged through with winning strategies into the future.
Thank you Wayne for your trials, deliveries and successes! 

Karissa Kingsbury


 Thanks for a great training yesterday! I have been to NUMEROUS sales trainings and they often send you away with their "magic" word to get buy-in or the "perfect" close. (Neither of which is effective or practical) Yesterday, I felt like I walked away with TOOLS to help me craft more effective language and techniques to keep my funnel moving effectively. Killed it. Thanks again.  

Gregory Gray, Founder of Southeast Small Business Leaders (SSBL)


 Wayne is one of my favorite guys in the world of business coaching and consulting. He has an unmatched passion and zeal for the good stuff in life. His focus on family, friends and faith is incredible. Wayne is an influencer and connector. I consider him a brother and a friend. He could not come more highly recommended. 

Xana Winans, Owner/Founder Smart Market Dental, Owner/Founder Golden Proportions Marketing


 My agency retained Wayne to spend a day teaching my team about sales, and we ended up getting so much more. He has completely transformed the way we are qualifying leads, the way we lead them through our discovery process, and how we close our clients. 

My team is very sensitive to the concept of "sales training" (we all have that "used car salesman" broken record in our heads), but they totally resonated with his approach. His method of teaching sales focuses on presenting prospects with an ethically based solution that only serves to solve their problem. If your company needs sales training or coaching (next up on our agenda!), you simply must call Wayne. 

Michael W. Green, International Performance Coach, Speaker, and Guide


 Wayne is a Man of great character, ability, and know how. He is straight to the point as he teaches you how to excel. Wayne's personality to gain trust and respect with those in front of him is the foundation of his success. Couple that with his experience and passion to support sustainable growth in individuals, teams, or companies, makes him a major value add to any team or company. 

Teia Engel, Golden Proportions Marketing


Our agency recently engaged Wayne for a one-day sales training with our account team. The feedback I have received from my team was nothing less than phenomenal. They have all expressed their desire to have Wayne come back and continue to coach us to improve our sales skills and form even better relationships with our clients. They shared how they are already implementing much of what they learned and have identified areas in which they want to continue to work on.

Wayne spent many hours with me on the front end of this training day learning about our business, our new business intake process and asked a lot of great questions. I felt that he really understood our business and tailor the training specifically to our needs. It was clear that this was not an "off the shelf" coaching session. And the impact of that time investment and customization is clear.
We look forward to continuing to work with Wayne in the future. I highly recommend if you are seeking a coach that will invest their time and commit to learning your business so you can hone the skills of your sales team, that you contact Wayne. Aside from the training, Wayne is just a great guy, very down to earth and relatable which made the day fun and relaxing all while accomplishing great work! 

Jeff Large - Process to Hire Strong Salespeople


Jeff Large founded Laundry Systems of TN and has built this Commercial Laundry Design/Sales/Service company from the ground up.  He now has multiple salespeople, service teams, and is the premier provider of commercial laundry equipment in east TN, west NC, and east KY.  Jeff is continuing to build and transition from lead salesperson to sales growth architect.  It is my pleasure to help this high performer continue to grow. Jeff is typical of the business owner who doesn't NEED coaching and consulting but WANTS it to grow faster.

"Wayne's process helped me to generate an enormous pool of sales talent (80+ applicants) and then we picked a salesman that fit not only the position but our culture and I have been extremely happy with him.  It is very hard to recruit great salespeople in our Commercial Laundry business.

We struggled in the past to get enough candidates, to ask them the right questions and then to pick the ones who can and will sell in our environment.  In the past, the people we did invite in for interviews based on their resumes were often far from what we were looking for.   This process not only finds salespeople but vets them before you even speak to them (no ridiculous interviews and phone calls).  Wayne has also helped us with some sales team process improvement, and sales management frameworks and systems to get our new sales hires started off right."

Lauren Raymond - Sales Skills and Confidence


Sales is often a Dirty Word and people struggle to just get started contacting others and building relationships.  The internet world tells us Sales is "old school" and that reaching out to people does not work anymore.  It DOES if you have the right heart of service and if you approach people in the right way.  Lauren is proof of that.  About half of my work starts as Coaching business owners who want to Lead and manage a sales team and half is business owners who need to have a sales process and system of their own.  Lauren is one of those people I had the pleasure of coaching as she built her own pipeline and confidence.

"I was referred to Wayne about a year ago by a mutual friend. I needed some help in my current business of networking, connecting and leadership. Wayne spent a good amount of time with me, initially getting to know me as a person and as a business owner. After a few conversations and some really good pointers to get me over some humps, I decided to work with Wayne a little bit longer. I took some assessments that evaluated my leadership skills, sales skills, and personal skills. Wayne spent a lot of time following this assessment looking at strengths and areas of growth. I started implementing suggestions I received from Wayne from the beginning and to this day I still use them. They have made me a better connector, networker, and leader. Even though I still have a lot of room to grow, I'm a lot further ahead then when I was before I started working with Wayne. I recommend that people take some time to reach out to Wayne as he will provide you with strategies to better yourself and your business and help you grow. "

Rich Oakes - Building a Sales Team


When I worked with Rich he was the VP of Sales for a company with a sales force of 35.  He was struggling to hire the "right people" and to get them to ramp up.  Afterward, this is what Rich wrote to me:  

"Wayne and I met years ago as two competing Sales VPs within the same industry. Despite the fact that we were competitors, there was an instant connection. Since then, Wayne assisted me as a consultant with my salesperson recruiting and development efforts. The first thing we did was run our Top 3 and Bottom 3 sales performers through the Objective Management Group Salesperson evaluation system. The accuracy with which the system identified the differences between the Top and Bottom salespeople was striking and compelling."   

Rich is now the President of GigSmart, LLC.

We then worked together to design and optimize the salesperson selection and on-boarding system.

Wayne has a rock solid value system, is an amazing family man, and is an expert at assisting organizations in their leadership development efforts. Wayne is living proof that some people have it all. That is exactly what attracted me to Wayne and why today, I rely on him to assist me in my professional efforts to build our sales team.

Wayne is a talented consultant and adviser that will have an immediate impact on any organization he touches.

John Correa - Personal Sales Growth


John was the top salesperson in a national sales meeting that I conducted for CEO Joyce Gaines of UMS Banking in 2016.  John was a typical "tough customer" for sales training - pushing back and challenging me.  We ended up really enjoying and respecting each other and John sent me this note, 

"No matter how great you are at your field of expertise, there is always room for improvement. However, when you are successful and at the top of your game, you may not know that you can do even better by just fine tuning a few of your skills or adding a few new skills to your repertoire. If you are prepared to set aside your Sales EGO to learn more about your internal sales DNA with an open mind, Wayne at StongerSalesPeople is just the person to unlock your hidden potential and increase the sales effectiveness of your entire sales team. Prepare to be humbled and ultimately have a stronger sales team at your company."

Brian Mininger - Growing Sales for Contracting Business


Brian is the Co-Founder of Bear Creek Enterprises along with his wife.  Brian is growing his Remodeling, and 3 Season Living Space business using a combination of service based selling and the most modern Social media and internet techniques.  My work with Brian has focused on Sales Process and System Design and on being a Sales Manager and Leader.

"Wayne has coached me and one of our salesmen. His thorough system of evaluating our strengths and weaknesses and helping us move forward to be successful is excellent. I have always appreciated his thoughtful insights and caring personality. Wayne is one of the first people I go to when I need feedback for my business. I cannot recommend him enough. "

Jim Miller Jr., Owner, Solar Credits Direct


I knew of Wayne’s successful tenure as VP of Sales & Marketing with his previous company and brought him in to help with a new business I was getting off the ground. Wayne was instrumental in helping us organize our sales efforts, streamline our business process and focus on the right things. He asked the questions that needed to be asked. As a result, I got where I needed to go much quicker than had I done it on my own. Saving me very valuable time and generating profits that vastly exceeded my expectations. 

Aida Lone, Administrator, Precision Home HealthCare, Inc. & Precision Personal Care, Inc.


 Our company had gone through some significant staffing changes and we were looking for some help with team building. A business associate recommended I contact the Herring Group. Our agency doesn’t have any HR staff and I thought Wayne and his team would be a good fit for our group. With Wayne’s testing & training, I learned a lot about my staff that I did not know – about their drivers and motivators and how each employee likes to be communicated with. This was the most valuable part of the sessions for me. I have been able to use this info in my day-to-day interactions with my staff. We saw noticeable improvements in communication, productivity and morale. 

Lori Blatt, Owner/Principal Creative, BlattCom


 I’m one of those people who thought “Sales” was a dirty word. My business has been 99% referrals the last 11 years and that gave me a convenient excuse to avoid developing a sales process. Wayne Herring showed me how sales training isn’t just about the new prospect, but how to drive more value to – and more sustainable revenue from – existing customers. His coaching style is authentic and engaging. He has a gift for finding the underlying issue and holding people accountable. With the help of Wayne and the Herring Group, I’ve greatly refined my skills in managing the business relationship with existing and prospective clients. And that means less money left on the table. 

Alison Sophy, CEO at Sophy Jewelers


 Wayne is such a tremendous asset. To have someone - not In the business, and not in the industry to be able to provide a fresh look at your processes and procedures has been beneficial to both my husband and myself as small business owners. We value what he brings because it is Real Stuff, so to speak, actual things we can implement - put into action - and see immediate results.
We plan on continuing our work with Wayne as there are always so many opportunities for us to continually improve and grow and he assists us in identifying those opportunities and tackling them with ease. 

Tom Rubens - Sales Strategy, especially using LinkedIn



Tom Rubens has not been an official client.  We are more like peer mentors who help each other in areas where the other excels.  I have helped Tom with his personal selling strategy, especially via LinkedIn.  Tom is the author of the book "Lifeness" and is my coach currently via MasterCoachForum.

"A few things about Wayne that stand out for me:

1. He has a facile mind, so make sure you are paying attention, or you might miss one of his many nuggets of wisdom.

2. He has a great sense of humor, so beware of incoming zingers.

3. His ability to analyze and act upon information is a critical to his success and yours. Plan on taking notes during a conversation....There will be much to digest.

4. Working with Wayne is a privilege not to be taken for granted. I am grateful for the guidance he has given me, and look forward to continued collaboration."