Resources to Help you Grow

Reminder - Proposals in a Bottle


Download this image to remind you and your team that proposals in a bottle are NOT efficient.  I don't want you chucking proposals into the ocean and then checking the beach to see if anything washed up.  Be intentional when making proposals.  

Line of Logic Reminder


This graphic is a great reminder to stay on the "right hand side" during sales conversation.  Ask questions about what they really want instead of talking about your logical and rational features and benefits.  

Power of the Pause Reminder


There is a LOT of value in silence.  Print this graphic to remind yourself that you need to pause for various reasons.  Sometimes when you are ready to shift to a next topic you need to give your prospect or employee time to "shift gears".

Recipe to Build a Sales Team


Building a sales team or any team is hard.  Take a look at this graphic and grade yourself in each of these areas.  Then, determine what you need to do to upgrade yourself as a leader and seek that info or training.

4H's - Sales Strength - Individual


Sales is a hard position - take a look at this to understand what you are looking for in a top performing salesperson.

Balance is a Verb Reminder


One day while meeting with my pastor in a coaching style conversation, although he isn't a client, I sketched this on the back of a diner placemat.  He kept this and said it really helped.  So, I wanted to share with you.