What past camp participants say...

“ Business Builder Camp is an opportunity to make a ton of progress on your

business in a short period of time. The atmosphere of BBC and Wayne’s

coaching really set you free to accomplish big things.”

— Anonymous 2018 Participant

“ Business Builder Camp gave me a great opportunity to meet with entrepreneur

peers who gave me an honest, but confidential look at the way we

operate our company. From this, I gained ideas and insight that caused

immediate positive change in my company.”

—Tom Backman, CEO of BMIL Technologies

“ Business Builder Camp is a highlight of my year. It is an opportunity to learn

from other business owners and to connect with people who are going through

the same struggles you are in business and personal life. It is also a great time

to relax a little while you reflect, recharge, and the plan for the upcoming year.”

— Andy Richardson, CEO of 29E6 Structural Engineering

“ Business Builder Camp is a great opportunity to get away to work ON your

business with other high caliber business owners who understand what it’s like

to be the guy out front. I was able to get clarity on areas of struggle and

direction for the future. Wayne expertly facilitates this in an atmosphere of

acceptance and challenge, all while surrounded by God’s marvelous creation.”

—Nate Thomas, Founder of Breakaway Farms and Master Bacon Maker

“ What surprised me about Business Builder Camp was the fact that although

each of us was in radically different industries, we all shared very similar issues

when it came to managing our business. Having Wayne's guidance and being

able to bounce ideas off one another was an invaluable experience for me.”

—Dr. Buddy Touchinsky, Entrepreneur and Owner of Healthy Habits Market, a Gym,

and Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practice

“ Business Builder Camp provided a stimulating conversation with other

business owners that I rarely get because I am so busy at this stage of our

growth. I was also able to expand my business knowledge by getting new

perspectives. I was able to break through a self-imposed ceiling through open

conversations that Wayne's exercises made possible.”

—Vernon Martin, Owner Martin Carpentry

What to Expect from Wayne and Business Builder Camp

• Deep, transformative group coaching.

• Mastermind and problem solving with like-minded

business professionals.

• Tools, training, and processes for success.

• Time to reflect, evaluate, and create a map for your next 120 day business

growth sprint. 

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Business Builder Camp 2018 - 120 day Plans

In this video you can see our 2018 Business Builders working together to build out a 120 day Sprint plan. This exercise was one of the most popular because it laid out an Action plan.   Other popular work was the wheel of life and brainstorming through everyone's current friction points.

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Hunting and Coaching


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The Lodge and Your Inspiring Hosts

Turkey Trot Acres is a world famous destination


Perhaps more importantly - my family and I have spent a lot of time at Turkey Trot and we love the lodge and Pete and Sherry.  We've had such super family times there as you will see in some of these photos!

Hand built log lodge


NFL Players at Turkey Trot