Business Builder Camp Experiences

A Business and Life Growth EXPERIENCE

Business Builder Camp is designed to open your mind and challenge you to live your best life. Join me at my farm for 2 days of immersive guidance into your dreams and future. 

At Business Builder Camp, you'll either stay in our cozy guest space, or in a forest cabin (approximately 15 minutes away from the farm). We will start our days with morning walks and conversation, and then the real work begins. 

Attendees are required to "unplug" from work life for a minimum of 24 hours, although we prefer the full 2-days. All work apps should be disabled and the phone should only be used to contact a spouse or close friend during that time. 

Join me at Business Builder Camp to reflect, recharge, and plan for a strong business future!

What to expect from Business Builder Camp

  • Wide and deep conversations designed to bring clarity to your vision and how you might be getting in your own way. 
  • Remove the blocks and create a small-step roadmap to who, where, and WHAT you want to be.
  • Tools, training and processes for success.
  • 24-48 hours of unplugged focus on yourself and your vision. 

What do YOU get out of Business Builder Camp?

Jack Jostes, CEO of Ramblin Jackson in Colorado joined us for a group camp in May 2019. Jack has been a great coaching client who uses camp time to unplug and enjoy the camp environment, comraderie, and deep learning sessions that make Business Builder Camp so valuable. 

Camp Options

Which Camp is Best for You?

Business Builder Camp is offered in a 1:1 AND group format.

1:1 Business Builder Camp


Schedule a 2 day, personal intensive with me. I'll pick you up from the airport in the Business Builder Camp truck and bring you to the farm where you'll meet my wife and family. We'll enjoy dinner and conversation and the next morning, the work begins! You'll leave with a clear roadmap to success and a game plan that we can work on together!

Group Business Builder Camp


At group camp, we gather 4-10 like-minded business owners to build a 120 Day Plan. Through conversations, exercises, and collaboration, each participant leaves with a clear vision of the next 4 months, along with an accountability plan from my team. After camp, I'll check in with you every 30 days to see where you are, what we can modify, and most importantly - to celebrate your success!

Business Builder Camp 2018 - 120 day Plans

Watch our 2018 Business Builders working together to build out a 120 day Sprint plan. This exercise was one of the most popular because it laid out an Action plan.   Other popular work was the wheel of life and brainstorming through everyone's current friction points. Each camp begins with a focus, and ends with a unique roadmap for success.


Business Builder Camp is...

“ ... an opportunity to make a ton of progress on your business in a short period of time. The atmosphere of BBC and Wayne’s coaching really set you free to accomplish big things.”

—  2018 Participant 

The Opportunity to Connect

 "Business Builder Camp gave me a great opportunity to meet with entrepreneur peers who gaveme an honest, but confidential look at the way we operate our company. From this, I gained ideasand insight that caused immediate positive change in my company."

- Tom Backman, CEO of BMIL Technologies 

"The Highlight of my Year"

 "Business Builder Camp is a highlight of my year. It is an opportunity to learn from other business owners and to connect with people who are going through the same struggles you are in business and personal life. It is also a great time to relax a little while you reflect, recharge, and the plan forthe upcoming year."

- Andy Richardson, CEO of 29E6 Structural Engineering 

For High Caliber Business Owners

 "Business Builder Camp is a great opportunity to get away to work ON your business with otherhigh caliber business owners who understand what it’s like to be the guy out front. I was able to getclarity on areas of struggle and direction for the future. Wayne expertly facilitates this in anatmosphere of acceptance and challenge, all while surrounded by God’s marvelous creation. "

- Nate Thomas, Founder of Breakaway Farms and Master Bacon Maker

What Surprised Me Most...

 "What surprised me about Business Builder Camp was the fact that although each of us was in radically different industries, we all shared very similar issues when it came to managing our business. Having Wayne's guidance and being able to bounce ideas off one another was an invaluable experience for me."

- Dr. Buddy Touchinsky,  Entrepreneur and Owner  of Healthy Habits Market, a Gym, and Chiropractor and Function Medicine Practice

Business Builder Camp Group

Weekly Online Business Builder Group

Business Builder Camp is offered to a select online group of business owners. Each week, we connect online to dive into members' challenges and goals and I provide guidance to the next level. 

If the online Business Builder Camp Group seems right for you, let's set up a time to talk about the details and requirements.